About Scott

Scott Ervin, The Kid Whisperer™, has a strong passion for improving the lives of teachers, parents, caregivers, and the children they serve. His career has been devoted to education and to helping children succeed.

Scott has over a decade of experience working with a diverse array of students on a daily basis and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to his work. Scott specializes in succeeding with troubled and at-risk students.

Scott’s engaging, humorous teaching style and straightforward, systematic approach pave the way for worry- free discipline. This, in turn, builds childrens’ confidence and critical thinking skills.  

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11 thoughts on “About Scott

  1. Hello, I saw your sister Kate’s comments about you and your success with children on FB. My husband, Dan Taylor and myself, Carrie Taylor are friends of Kate’s and also fellow artists.

    I am a a Mental Health Technician and am currently preparing to volunteer with a teacher at Longfellow. Jennifer Smith/Dayton Public Schools is a client of mine and has expressed a need in the schools to work with kids that have behavioral health issues.

    I anticipate volunteering with Longfellow in the near future, but would like to talk with you once I am established. Would love to bring you in for faculty, but haven’t begun there yet and would rather check out the climate first. My home phone is 937-687-4875 and cell is 937-974-2871.

    I am very interested in working with the schools to create a program for children that have image disorders and have been bullied. I did my final practicum with Youth Partial Hospitalization in Belmont and also worked the Psychiatric Unit with Grandview Hospital.

    Later this year, probably sometime in November, we are likely having a dance for Special Needs children. This would be the second event held at Hara Arena. We have 150 dresses donated, and donations of food, decorations etc are already in place from last years dance. I own a hair salon at The Greene and all hair and makeup are donated as well. Would love your input with that. Jennifer Smith Dayton Public sent out mailers to the families in August, but the dance was the night before school started so our turnout should be better this year with having the event later in the year.

    Take care. I think you’re doing terrific work. These children are so deserving and so under served.

    Carrie Taylor

    • Carrie,
      That dance event sounds awesome. I’d like to know more about it!

      I will call you in the next 48 hours. Sorry it’s taken me a while to repond to you! The new baby takes a bit of my time. They really can’t do ANYTHING for themselves :).


  2. Scott, One of my staff members and i attended your workshop last night in Piqua. Twenty two minutes into our school day this morning, my staff member excitedly exclaimed to me, “It works! It really works!” She was referring to your empathy technique and to your controlled choice technique. Clearly, she was already having success with the tips you gave us.

    My 4 year old daughter attempted to argue with me this morning on the way to preschool. I told her that i loved her to much to argue. She “locked up” as you would say. When she repeated her argument, i repeated the phrase. She was silent for a second and then said, “Stop saying that!” Five seconds later she asked what i packed her for lunch. It was the best ride to school ever! 🙂 Thank you so much for introducing me to Love and Logic!

  3. Scott,
    My husband and I missed your presentation in Piqua in March. When and where are you having another presentation, I would love to hear what you have to say.

  4. This is in regard to the 18 yr. old living with parents who wants to get a tattoo. You feel this is basically ok. I don’t feel this way. I also had an 18 yr. old girl who wanted to get a tattoo which probably would have led to numerous tatoos. I told her “no way will she mutilate her body that way.” I still controlled her car (in my name) and still paid for her college. I told her if she wanted to continue to enjoy these things she would honor how I felt. She did not get the tattoo. She now THANKS me that I did not allow her to get a tattoo because she does not like tattoos now and feels she was just going through a phase at that time. Same thing with my son who wanted tattoos and earings which I dealt with the same way.

    • Hi, Denise! Thanks for your response! However you want to parent your kids is the way you should parents your kids! It sounds like everything worked out great! However, I have two thoughts not about your parenting, but about my column and your response to it. Threats of not paying for college or of taking away of the car are OK in two different scenarios: 1) If you are willing to take away her college education and her car if she puts ink into her skin and/ or 2) You are 100% sure that she will not get the tattoo after the threat has been issued. I can infer that you felt 100% sure that the threat would work, which it did. However, most families whom I work with can’t say that. I have seen families in this situation where the kid was given this exact threat, the kid went ahead and got the tattoo anyway, and because of this quarter inch tattoo on his shoulder, he to this day is one school year away from a degree. The only other choice the parents had was to go back on their threat and pay anyway. Neither situation is one any of us parents would like to find ourselves in. To be specific about the situation of the person as king the question, their kid was going to be moving out in a matter of months, he was 18 and he was going to get a tattoo no matter what, so what difference does it make? There is no need to have a discussion about whether or not a tattoo is a bad or good idea, and that just isn’t what I do. I just show people how to get the behaviors that they want from their kids. My advice would have been different if we were talking about a kid (a person under 18). Anyway, thank you for your response and your interest!

  5. Do you ever give advice to new teachers? Have you thought about having a group of new teachers before school begins to give ideas for the beginning of the year. The teachers would pay. Actually, I would get a group together for you if you would try it. I remember Kathy Call had a group at her house to hear a psychologist speak – the ladies’ name was Anzoni (I think).

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