-On-Location Teaching Seminars for School Staff
-On-Location Workshops for School Staff
-Personal Consultation for Parents
-Consultations for Parent Groups
-One-On-One Personal Parenting Support
Whether it’s the most difficult child you’ve ever met, a student who loves to argue with his teacher, or a child who simply won’t take out the garbage, you can learn stress-free, anger-free ways of setting limits, avoiding pointless arguments, and gaining compliance. At the same time, you’ll preserve the child’s dignity and help her succeed in life by learning to solve her own problems and make positive choices.
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Each course is designed to provide practical, effective skills for direct application in the classroom, school system, or home. Using the tested and proven LOVE AND LOGIC® method, Scott helps teachers, administrators, caregivers, parents, or anyone who deals with children to improve their lives and the lives of the children in their care.

3 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hey Scott! It’s Missy Spindler / Huck!! Lola’s Roomie at OU!! How the heck r u?? This job of yours looks fantastic!! Perfect for you! I would love to see you in action. I am currently on the PTO at our school and want to get some info on any programs that may be available to us. Our school is near Marietta, Ohio. (three hours from you). Do you travel???

    Take care! So good to see that you are doing well. 😉


  2. I have been reading and love what I am reading. How do you help a parent let go of a child’s responsibilities so the child can grow and learn to take care of himself? I have a grandmother that needs her grandson to need her so much he can’t learn to be responsible.
    He throws temper tantrums….you are allowed to do that here, just not where I can see or hear them. I just can’t get them to stop… is that bad or just a release valve for this child?
    I took down my rules and put up your one rule! Hope it works……

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